Why do we choose automatic shrimp peeling system?

Why do we choose automatic shrimp peeling system?

1. Widely used for batch processing of shrimp peeling.

The production capacity for each single peeler is approximately 200~300kg/hr (head-on or head-off shrimp). Depending on the end products, the number of shrimp peelers is optional, and the automatic feed system and after-treatment system can be custom-made. 

2.  Constant and steady output, consistent quality assurance.

The automatic peeling system can process many kinds of raw shrimps. Plenty of peeling works by hand tires workers, they get inefficient after long-time working, peculiarly while peeling small shrimps; But the automatic peeling system will tirelessly keep its regular production from beginning to end, and the yield difference can be controlled within 1~2%.

3. Reduce plant operating cost, and improve corporate profitability.

Hand peeling requires large place to arrange tables or production lines. Automatic peeling system saves space with flexible installing, achieves maximal processing capacity, and cuts down lots of labor costs. Standard system only needs 6 operators, while hand peeling needs 120~150 persons.

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